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Printorg delivers the best combination of product quality, price, and delivery

At Printorg, we work with our customers to understand each project, and can offer solutions that meet project requirements and remain within budget. Using business partners worldwide, we have access to a wide array of products and are always able to outsource print projects providing the best overall value to our customers. By accessing several production facilities and business partners, we can deliver products at a very competitive price.

Printorg prides itself on being flexible and going above and beyond to do business exactly in line with our customers needs. This includes customizing inventory reports and invoices, meeting with the customer as often as needed and shortening processing time through shipping and packaging items individually adapted to customer needs. Since we are not side-tracked by equipment leases, maintenance contracts and ownership burdens of printing presses, we are free to focus on the customers' objectives and not on “feeding the iron.”

Personal responsibility-taking

Purposefulness, checks and controls, meeting deadlines, flexibility towards clients are elements of that personal responsibility-taking by which we guarantee the consistency of high standards.

Creating credibility and trust

The goal of Printorg Production Ltd. is to create trusted relationships through the standards of its business operations, the owners' personal commitment and by responsible acting which characterizes the daily work and serves as a base for future business.

development policies


It is our goal to represent European stan- dards in our operations, in our manage- ment and work organization and back office processes in order to respond to challenges through steady development as much as possible.

Longtime ownership outlook

The management of our company con- siders the events and possibilities of the present at all times in the perspectives of future development. We strongly believe that steady growth is worth more than momentary success. Our recurring clients and our broad base of regular customers confirm the dependability of our work.